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Bio Active YES! H2 C60 in OMEGA 3 Oil (Ultra High Purity 100% Solvent Free 99.99+% C60 Highest Isolate, Hydrogen Reinforced for Double Antioxidant Power) 2 mg's per gram

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YES! H2 C60 OMEGA 3 Oil has been in R&D since February, 2015 year and now finally available to not just our Custom Protocol clients, but to all! 

It's made with beyond Organic in purity standards Cold Pressed Camelina Oil, grown on our partner's family farm in Washington State and mixed with our Certified Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, also grown on Organic family farm in Oregon for the highest OMEGA 3 content and the highest purity possible of 99.99+% C60 Fullerene Isolate Powder that has never been processed with any solvents from the beginning to the end of its generation, so therefore no need for Double Vacuum Oven Baking and or any Subliming, plus it is permanently bounded with H2 within the Oil, mixed with natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes and bio activated for higher efficacy through natural process of ARP Tech!

Please Note: Since our C60 Molecule was never processed with solvent Toluene, the color of our oil is not purple.


Stored in a 8 oz (237 ml) UV protective Glass Bottle

Research Purpose Serving Size: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml)

Research Purpose Servings per container: 94

What makes this product most unique one on the market?

  • Made with the ultra high purity and highest grade of 100% Solvent Free 99.99+% C60 Isolate that has never been in contact with any solvents. 
  • Contains 2 mg of purest C60 99.99+% Isolate per each gram (versus anywhere from 0.6mg - 0.8mg per gram of lower grade isolates anywhere from 99.50%- 99.95%, which are not 100% Solvent Free). 
  • The highest isolation form.
  • Permanently bonded with H2, Hydrogen medicinal gas via proprietary methods for Double Antioxidant Action.
  • Harmonized via ARP Tech to address not only the physicality but the emotional unbalances from where over 75% of dis-eases originate. ARP Tech Bio Activated-means it carries plasma energy electrons from various minerals in their Plasma State (forth state of matter), where the vibratory energetic rate is raised to a much more rapid Electronic Force in Resonant (harmonious) Frequency making it more cellularly active and therefore more biologically effective.
  • Enhanced with the patented and natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes (made from Organic Astragalus Root).
  • Made with beyond Organic standards OMEGA 3 rich Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil.  

Our Method

Our 99.99+% C60 Fullerene Isolate is produced via pure and mechanical method, which is not through the chemical method that requires the use of Toluene.

Our special non chemical mechanical method uses proprietary isolation of the C60 Fullerene from the Carbon Gas.

This does not require mixing with any amount of toxic Toluene in order to Isolate the C60 Fullerene Molecule in a Powder Form, but it generates the Single Molecule C60 Fullerene Powder. Then this powder is mixed under the strict guidelines of no light exposure and under special vacuum conditions to ensure no oxidation, plus enhanced and permanently bonded with Molecular Hydrogen H2 and the natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes from organic Astragalus Root for further unique benefits.

On the other hand the non desired chemical methods utilize the steps of first generating the soot via graphite rods under high temperatures in a Fullerene Generator. That method generates much of other unwanted Fullerenes along with the amorphous and is then mixed with toxic solvent Toluene in order to isolate the C60 Fullerene through the lengthy process of chromatography; and then if used for biological experimental applications, rather then for the industrial uses the solvent has to be purified by having to Double Vacuum Oven Bake and Sublime in order to get rid of its residues, which truly can not be fully and 100% done, because even when “undetectable” by the measuring equipment it is fair to say that the equipment's ability to not detect the lowest trace levels does not mean that it is still not there in its minimum residues. This latter system is the one that generates the Purple Color in the Oil. Please do not misunderstand us because that method is still acceptable for some people, and we do not wish to belittle anyones methodology and products, but it is simply not to our purity standards.

Therefore the Color of our H2 C60 OMEGA 3 Oil is not Purple, since it was never mixed with the toxic solvent Toluene, but it is very deep dark blackish/greenesh color, because this is how our 100% Solvent Free Carbon C60 Powder (which is black in color in its purest form) reacts with the two OMEGA 3 Rich Oils: Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil in a ratio of 8 oz mix. Also, since it goes through the further process of mixing with 100% natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes, Bio Activating via ARP Tech and permanent binding with the Molecular Hydrogen, H2 via special bounding process, it all contributes to this particular and unique color of our oil.

We get a lot of phone calls of misinformed public and "color requirements" is the first misconception we see when we are asked questions about the color of our oil. This immediately reveals to us that more education is needed on this subject.

Another misconception we hope to fully clarify is about the Double Vacuum Oven Baking, and Subliming.

As mentioned briefly above the only reason why Double Baking and Subliming for other Lab's C60 Fullerene Powder production is needed is because when isolating for the biological uses is done through the chemical methods, and not through the mechanical as our unique process, and therefore the Toluene has to be purified out of the C60 Fullerene Powder first before mixing with the Oil. That chemical process involves first generating the mixture of different kinds of Fullerenes with the amorphous through the graphite rods in the Fullerene Generator, and then in order to isolate the C60 from the other structures of unwanted Fullerenes (C70, C84, etc.) and the amorphous then mixing that powder with the toxic solvent Toluene in order to then isolate the Carbon C60 without any other types of Fullerenes via the lengthy process of Chromatography Column. This is the reason why we do not need to Double Vacuum Oven Bake and Sublime.

We hope the above helps clear up all confusions and educates you further about the truth about color, double vacuum oven baking, subliming requirements, etc.

We find it very unfortunate that even the Wikipedia (again written by human beings who make mistakes and are simply not fully educated) has a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the facts about the Carbon C60 Molecule. Pure Carbon 60 Molecule Powder, that was never mixed with toxic Toluene-is not Purple, but is Black in color, and the Oil that was mixed with the pure C60 Fullerene Powder is not Purple either, but it varies in color depending upon oils used and levels of its saturation. For an instance, charcoal is what we call amorphous Carbon, and without a structure, but the C60 is in a nano state and it is a superconductor molecule that has a completely different structure. It is one of the most stable Molecules in its structure and naturally found in Space and Nature.

Our Single Molecule Carbon C60 is 60 nanometers in size.

C60 Molecule has a Buckyball structure (as a soccer ball) which is very stable, and it has 60 Carbon Atoms around its structure, and it is definitely not Purple, but black in its pure form, which is the Carbon 60 that we produce and use for our Carbon 60 Line of products. 

It is a Single Molecule Carbon 60 in its pure form mixed with our Organic Omega 3 Oils for prime efficacy and results.

       This is the Top Quality C60 Oil that you will not find anywhere else.


Our YES! H2 C60 Oil in OMEGA 3 is permanently bonded with the most potent anti oxidant for the Double Antioxidant Action: H2 Molecular Hydrogen for the most potent cellular efficacy. 

  • Binding the C60 with H2 amplifies the end product’s Antioxidant Potential exponentially.
  • Bio Activation via ARP Tech's proprietary process enhances its Voltage for better intra and inter cellular communication.
  • 100% natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes from Organic Astragalus Root help in further benefits of cell regeneration.
  • OMEGA 3 Oils’ capacity and health benefits are enhanced and act in the most efficient delivery to the cells.
Enjoy the only Double Anti Oxidant Action of the two most incredible antioxidants in OMEGA 3 Oil Advantage with the most supporting compounds, as well as more then double of mg’s per C60 Fullerene then any regular formula for maximum efficacy!



      Possible Health Benefits based upon our own research and clinical trials:

      May assist with the following:

      • Increase Longevity*
      • Increase Endurance*
      • Enhance Athletic Performance*
      • Enhance and support Liver Health*
      • Increase Lung and Cardio Capacity*
      • Brain Health Support*
      • Cellular Detox*
      • Increase Vitality*
      • Enhance Muscle Strength* 
      • Antioxidant Action and Free Radical Neutralization*
      • Anti Inflammatory*
      • Anti Microbial*
      • Gut Support*

      Our YES! H2 C60 OMEGA3 Oil is a unique, 100% natural product, and truly a life changer, but what's most important is that the key to its successful use is your long term commitment to it in its use in order to experience the full and lasting transformation and "turn back the clock of time" so to speak. It will not work if not taken on regular bases. We have tried this by being off and on it, and it does works wonders, but only if used regularly. We use it every day, 1 teaspoon a day.

      If you are devoted to your best health of vital longevity and truly understand the necessity of deep cellular detox, together with the use of systemic metabolic enzymes' activation for optimum regeneration, while neutralizing the free radicals daily as a crucial step towards the long lasting vitality and youth, as well as for reaching more of your emotional balance, then you can rejoice that this product is available, since there is no such product ever created, and no other C60 Oil can accomplish what we have achieved through our unique ARP Tech process.


      Due to the permanent Hydrogen, H2 bond, plus other enhancing components as well as the crucial harmonizing and bio activating effects, we have seen, experienced and proven to ourselves the difference that we were designing and preparing to accomplish with this particular approach. 

      It is the most effective free radical neutralizing compound, especially when bounded with Molecular Hydrogen, H2 and now plus with the additional benefits of OMEGA 3 rich Oil. After many years of R&D in this field, we concluded that C60 Oil is simply much more effective when in its highest grade of 99.99+% Isolation Form, and when it permanently binds with Molecular Hydrogen, H2 Therapeutic Gas. We also discovered that by bio activation, or rather raising of its vibratory rate, frequency and voltage that together with H2 it becomes much more active within the cells, due to its ability to raise the conductivity of cellular communications. This is why we continue to research and reveal more possibilities of enhancing its potential, which is why this newest version has been brought forth.

      C60 Fullerene Molecule has a great affinity to Molecular Hydrogen, H2  and it will naturally bind with the Hydrogen produced by the Probiotic Bacteria in your gut just on its own (provided that you have a healthy Gut Flora), which is just one of its myriad of mechanisms of how it works, for it carries that H2 and other crucial nutrients deeper into the cells, but can you picture what it means when we permanently reinforce and then bio activate that mechanism?

      Now with this newest Formula we can enhance the communication of our good probiotic bacteria and the systemic enzymes of our immunity by the enhancement of their cellular and inter cellular pathways enhancing this mechanism altogether.


      How we use it

      After many years of testing, including a case study we completed, we have concluded that it takes on an average 0.5-1 teaspoon, 1-2 times a day (morning and early evening or late afternoon) for at least 2-3 months, depending upon an individualized need to reach an equilibrium, then a Maintenance Dose of 0.5-1 teaspoon daily in the morning worked well for most. The results were very promising.

      After the homeostasis was reached and in most cases even earlier then the time frame mentioned above, those that took it in the later hours right before bed found that they required much less sleep (this is not recommended in any way with our YES! C60 Cacao Bliss Product-which will keep you up at night), and were ready to start their day in a much earlier morning hours then usual, waking up energized and refreshed. The sleep was not affected and in fact was much deeper, yet the shortened need for sleep hours was documented among most of the test subjects. The much more heightened energy, endurance and athletic performance was noted as the time progressed, as well as the more harmonious state of being, even among the subjects with frequent anxiety. Better digestion, less bloating and more regularity was noted among all the test subjects.

      Note: The limited amount of subjects with chronic Candida unbalance and heavier pathogenic load in their gut have experienced some discomfort due to the Oil's ability to cause a quick die off of bad bacteria, fungus and mold, and were advised to take it with our Bio Activated Optimum Strength Probiotic Formula of 16 Strain Flora with over 280 billion cfu's and which did help to eliminate the initial sensitivity. Many of the above mentioned benefits and more were expanding with its prolonged every day use.

      In separate anecdotal study smaller group that took the Oil was also combining the drinking of our Hydrogen Water and Breathing from our devices once a day for 30 minutes (the happy owners of our Breath of Health ARP Tech 600 Lv. 3 were involved). It appears that their effects were more heightened due to the H2 biological effects and C60 being able to reinforce the additional H2 intake and efficacy. 

      Temporary Detox Reactions:

      Temporary detox on all levels (physical, mental, emotional adjustments) may or may not occur, and the more toxic the body with an accumulated pathogenic load, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, EMFs, ELFs, or even the deep seated accumulated emotional toxins (emotional pain, fear, anxiety, self pity, etc.), the higher the chances for the temporary detox reactions, which BTW we have always welcomed for ourselves (this is not to suggest that you should as well), because to us anything that is not serving our greater good, we want purified and dissolved. With this being said you will have to decide what and how you wish to approach it if any temporary detox occurs. We can not make recommendations and can only share our own personal research experience.

      In our own experience and research the most important to understand is that if one is going through any detox symptoms, whether physical, mental or emotional adjustments, or even if one is not immediately feeling any changes is to patiently understand that it took us as far as two to three months, or longer, depending upon our individual unique need within our Research Team (generally speaking on 1-2 teaspoons a day) to reach the certain layers within our physical or emotional bodily levels in order to properly cleanse and purify, which is the most important prerogative to all healing and vital longevity.

       As we have experienced over the course of long and extensive research it is so unique of an experience for everybody, but one thing we know for sure, it does work! 


      The ARP Tech Component, besides addressing the better biological function, also adds the further negative radiation protection and detox, from nuclear radiation, EMFs, ELFs, which is another crucial daily armor needed in our world of too much electromagnetic pollution, and which is our own unique feature on the market.

      Bit of History


      The history of the regular C60 Oil of 99.98% isolation has been studied by the original research scientist Harry Kroto who have unexpectedly found that it prolongs the life span of rats by over 90% at 0.8 mg per each gram of Oil, with absolutely zero toxicity.



      Photo: Harry Kroto holding closed Buckyball cages.

      Credit: Royal Society of Chemistry.


      Now with our YES! H2 C60 Oil OMEGA 3 you can have the highest Isolate of 99.99+% with ARP Tech Bio Activation, plus bonded with H2, Hydrogen Gas, Telomere Lengthening Enzymes at more then double of that amount at 2 mg per gram and 100% Solvent Free. It does not get any better then this! 



      I heard that only Purple Color Oil is valid? What is the Color of your Oil?

      If you are looking for the Carbon 60 Molecule that was processed with toxic solvent Toluene and then mixed in the Oil then you should be looking for the Purple Colored Oil. Only when mixed with toxic Toluene it will give you a Purple Color, once mixed with the Oil. 

      Our Carbon C60 is not produced with that process, and if you mix our Carbon C60 Molecule with Toluene, and then purify it by double baking, subliming, etc. you will get the purple color, but this is not what we want to use for ourselves and therefore offer to you. 

      The Color of our Oil is more like  blackish/green because of the amount of Omega 3 Oils in an 8 oz bottle and that we use as a carrier of our Carbon C60 and how our C60 Fullerene Powder reacts with it. The Color of our C60 Fullerene Powder before mixed with our OMEGA 3 Oils is black and that is the color that all C60 Fullerenes are when first generated and before they are ever mixed with the toxic Toluene. 

      Is this Oil suitable for animals' use?

      No, animals require higher concentration of this particular type of Carbon C60 because they are less conductive in their bodily make up. Please do not use this oil for animals, and do not compare our Oils to any other C60 Oil Products, because they are not the same and should not be used in a same manner, but instead use our PetC60 Oil, which is specifically designed for animals' use.

      How long before I see results?

      Depends on your physical body's toxic load (synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, pathogenic load, etc.), your age, your life style, your emotional state of being, and even your mental attitude!  The latter is very important, since Resonant Plasma through the ARP Tech can mirror your feelings-believe it or not-Plasma Energy-Plasma State is the 4th state of matter-and there is much more rapid energetic imprints that happen on that energetic level then in your atomic state, so having the positive attitude is crucial, because in Plasma State, you can actually imprint energetic imprints into this 4th state of matter, similar to crystals. If this is too much for you to grasp, then consider that all matter is energy in a dense state, and all objects have a particular vibratory action and frequency (you do not see energy in electrical wires, but you see the effects of it, right?- so just because you can not see something, it does not mean that it is not there-so same with the energetic imprints). Generally speaking the body will start its saturation compounding when taking 0.5-1 teaspoon 1-2 times per day, depending upon your individualized need until the homeostasis is reached in 2-3 months. During that period of time, depending upon what needs rebalancing and due to the scientifically proven H2's ability to start rebalancing where it is needed the most, you may not see the major results right away, but do not be impatient, because once your body reaches the saturation point, that is when you will start seeing deeper results that may rebalance many issues one has been dealing with for many years. The energy and endurance will be noticeable very early into the Protocol, but again deeper issues may take longer, so patience and correct use according to the Protocol is the key.

      Is your C60 Fullerene or Carbon 60 Molecule Powder soluble in Oil?

      No, pure and raw C60 Fullerene Molecule is never soluble in any Oil, unless mixed with the toxic solvents. Oil is used as a carrier and no pure and raw C60 Fullerene is ever soluble in oil nor in water, unless some specific process is used to make them soluble. Our Patented C60 FWS Concentrates are specifically made to be water soluble in order to reach other parts of the body, but we do not see necessity to make our C60 Oil soluble.

      So in its primal raw state prior to mixing it with a solvent it is not oil soluble! 

      In one of the traditional methods used by most Labs of today when generating a mixture of different Fullerenes in their non isolated form and then mixed with a toxic solvent Toluene, and then isolated through the process of chromatography, that particular C60 Fullerene will be 100% oil soluble. However, that same isolate now needs to be purified to rid it from most traces of Toluene. Of course when made for biological versus industrial application it is then Sublimed and Double Vacuum Oven Baked in order to purify it and evaporate the toxic solvent Toluene. So yes, that kind of C60 Isolate is 100% oil soluble, and it will give you a Purple Colored Oil after it is mixed into the oil.

      Most C60 Oils are made with a C60 Fullerene that was mixed with Toluene and the lower the percentage of isolation, it is more likely that the purity is also of a lower standard, too.

      There are very few Labs that produce a non detectable level of Toluene, which does not mean it is 100% Solvent Free-it just means that their equipment can no longer detect it, and some companies that use a lower grade and cheap products are likely contaminated. We see this a lot in a DIY C60 Groups and Kits when we read comments that one can make a C60 Oil "cheap" for less expense at home. Yes, that is true, but you do get what you pay for and the level of purity is very questionable. 

      Why don't you use Olive Oil?

      When it comes to using C60 Fullerene to mix with the Oil, it is truly not the Oil that matters, although each Oil adds its own benefits, and the C60 Fullerene actually enhances the nutritional benefits of any good oil, but it also only acts as a carrier to the C60 Fullerene and the C60 Fullerene itself is the key to its own mechanism, not just the Oil. Most people get confused about this and make up all kinds of statements that are not factual.

      Since even the best 100% Certified Organic Olive Oils we tested on the market were still showing to have a high oxidative potential (which in many cases is very hard to detect even in taste and takes special equipment to measure), and we are not talking about oil's high temperature sensitivities and its ability to alter it here, but about the oxidative potential, so even though we acknowledge the good components in Olive Oil, it truly does not matter in this case if Olive Oil is used or not, so in this case we have chosen the Omega 3 rich Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil.   

      Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil Mix is very rich in OMEGA 3 and Vitamin E, and the Camelina is regarded as much more medicinal then Flax Oil, which is normally used for its Omega 3 rich benefits. It is much more stable then Flax Oil, and it does not need refrigeration, yet offers more unique health benefits, and we believe possibly more then Flax Oil.




      The Pumpkin Seed Oil is great for its anti parasitical properties, cardiovascular system, gut support, hair, nails, skin health and so much more.*



      Keeping and Care Requirements

      Keep your Oil in a cool room temperature away from a direct sunlight. It does not need to be refrigerated, unless you want to, but as long as it is away from a direct sunlight is all it matters. 

      We invite you to experience the difference for yourself, we certainly would not be a day without its use.


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