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Belt of Health Custom Mix per Health Goal

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Belt of Health Custom Mix per Health Goal. Colors may vary per each mix.

Through the Power of Plasma (several aspects), Resonance and Radionics Technology in the combination with various subatomic states of 24K Gold, CO2, ZnO, Platinum,  Balanced ratios of All Minerals, All Trace Minerals, All Amino Acids, Medicinal Herbs and Super Nutrients, all plant based and beyond organic in purity standards, as well as the Natural Quartz Crystals of the highest quality, we now offer a Custom Filled Health Mix, per your need for the Belt of Health™. 

NOTE: Prices are calculated per subatomic resonant plasma seed ARP Tech CONCENTRATE within the Belt, so you need to see below (at the bottom) which Size your measurements fall into. You need to measure above belly button as in the photo above. Do not go off of your pants' size and please leave your measurements at the check out box: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER. If you do not have a flexible measure tape, use a string and then measure it in increments. Measure not too tight, not too lose. Keep in mind that the Energetic Fields do extends up to 3 feet in all directions, with the strongest around the Belt.

Do not hesitate to state all of your goals! Besides working with over 500 subatomic state ingredients from herbs, superfoods, natural minerals, amino acids, we do a specific programing with thousands of Hz Frequencies through our unique ARP Technology process!

It is easily worn under the clothing without notice. Very comfortable and soft to wear even while sleeping. In males it does not pull on the stomach hair. Once you start wearing it, you will never want to be without it!

The housing for the ARP Tech CONCENTRATE within it is made out of Food Grade Silicone and without the use of any toxic glues. 

For best results we recommend wearing all the time, as the Resonant Plasma Fields and the positive effects will culminate and keep continuing to rebalance the entire body system, including the emotional state of being. For the longevity of the Belt, please do take off while in shower, bath, swimming or sauna. It is best to hold onto the solid connector as you gently stretch the opposite side to take it off and to put it back on.

When traveling via airplane, please wrap it into the aluminum foil to protect it from X Rays.

We can make the Belts for all kinds of unbalances (so called dis-eases), for conception (have achieved great results in less the three months after wearing couples finally become parents when all other ways have failed), for lower back pain (even in deep chronic situations), for trimming the waist, for the rebalancing of the weight (weight loss, or weight gain), for the lymphatic drainage and detox, for better digestion, for bloating, for longevity, for vitality, for reducing the need for food (nutrients are radiated via vibratory energetic action), for various kidney, liver, pancreas conditions, for better athletic performance, for mobility, for endurance in body building, for various stomach conditions, spleen and immunity, and the list goes on. Many use it to wrap other parts of the body that require healing from injury, etc. Note: Colors of Belts may vary according to the custom substance mix. Since they are worn under the clothing, it is not a visual issue.

You are welcome to leave a comment on what health goal (including the emotional goals) you are working to achieve, which conditions you want to improve and or eliminate and we can mix a special custom subatomic plasma substance mix just for you. If you don't leave those comments we will use an Overall General Health Mix. 

In the case where the size of waist will be changing:

Downsizing is easy, because you can just tie the extra with a soft hair band, and or wear it bit lower on the hips, providing that you have measured around the waist previously. However, when rebalancing for gaining weight you will need a new size, or you can just plan ahead on the size you need to achieve once your system is rebalanced. 

Sizing Measures below are for Pricing, not the exact measurements. They are provided so you can choose a correct size at the Drop Down Menu to the left of ADD TO CART above. You need to provide exact measure and not the pants' size at the check out in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER box:

XS (25''- 29.99'') 

S (30''- 34.99'') 

M (35''- 39.99'') 

L (40''- 44.99'') 

XL (45''- 49.99'')

XXL (50''- 55''

Above XXXL (please inquire) 

We are so looking forward to you benefiting!

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