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(ARP Tech 600-with optional AROMATHERAPY) Breath of Health-Pure 99.9999% Hydrogen H2 (optional O2 Breathing Inhalation) and H2 Drinking Water Machine with Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP Tech) and SPE/PEM Tech

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CE Certified for Safety, Patented SPE/PEM Tech, YES Lab's world's only Bio Activated Hydrogen with 99.9999% Purity, H2 Efficacy through ARP Tech, NaOH Free, KOH Free, Automated Session Timer Feature, Custom Made YES Lab's Aromatherapy Feature, Virtually Maintenance Free!

Use for H2 Breathing with optional Aromatherapy, H2 Water Infusion and much more!

Custom Made Features made by our Tech Team at YES Lab, USA in combination with the original patented SPE/PEM Tech:

ARP 600 Level 1                                                                                

Produces the world's only custom feature of ARP Tech Bio Active Hydrogen, H2 with custom feature of optional Aromatherapy!                                                                                                
  • Includes the ARP Tech Cell Lv. 1 with the unit.                                                                                                
  • The Outflow for the Hydrogen H2 Gas (99.9999%) is adjustable with the Maximum Output of: 600 ml/min (mg/min).                                                                
  • Optional Oxygen Gas O2 Port can be installed per request at Maximum Output of 300 ml/min (mg/min), with no extra charge.                                                                                             Note: Whichever number you adjust the H2 Outflow on the touch screen of your machine the O2 will be half of that. We have added this option feature since some people seem to want to combine the two Gases, which when H2 and O2 is combined it produces a Brown's Gas. We personally do not recommend nor we use this method ourselves, because H2 is an antioxidant and pure O2 can oxidize the healthy cells if breathed in too much-even when in combination with the H2-in its purest form, and Hydrogen is quite the opposite, you can never overdose on it and breathing H2, as well as drinking the H2 water solely is the best thing you can do for your health, vitality and youth.  Besides, all of the scientific research on the Medicinal Benefits of Hydrogen, H2 that our Scientific Team partners have  researched over many decades extensively, and all of the testing that we have performed, were done with the uses of Pure 99.9999% Hydrogen, H2 alone, and never in combination with O2. Hydrogen alone has effectively demonstrated to adjust the O2 levels in blood and tissues and has also helped to adjust the pH of blood, which co depends on the adequate levels of O2. Oxygen alone can not accomplish this, nor in combination with H2; it can not adjust the pH in this same manner as Hydrogen, H2 can do alone.  So you are welcome to add the O2 port on your machine and we give you the splitter and enough piping to combine the two, but please understand that if you want the most benefits from your H2, Hydrogen Inhalation and H2 Water Infusion, you want to stick to what scientific studies have proven about Hydrogen's Therapeutic Potential when used in its 99.9999% and alone. In our system we are not only offering you the regular Hydrogen, but through the ARP Tech, we are offering you the  bio activated Hydrogen, along with the Aromatherapy option. Bio Active simply means it is more conductive since the water was moved into plasma state prior to separating the H2 from H2O in the Electrolysis Cells, so there is nothing mystical about it, just more electronic force, which makes it more cellularly bio effective.
  •  Optional Aromatherapy Custom Feature is designed to take your favorite Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for additional enjoyment and Health Benefits. Soon we will be offering our own ARP Tech Bio Activated Essential Oils. Please check back often to try these amazing Therapeutic Grade Bio Active Oils, and until then you can use any one that suits you.      
  • Additional Digital Timer installed to set your Session's Time, and to monitor the Water Level, with an Alarm to let you know that you need to add more water.                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Advanced Resonant Plasma Energetic Output is constant at the Level 1 Intensity and its own Level 1 Medicinal Properties. The ARP Tech Cell Lv. 1 is made of Plasma State of CO2, Zinc, etc.). Plasma State is the 4th state of matter and within this Cell there is a superconductive substance which moves the water within the tank into the plasma state and energetically imprints the water with the Frequencies of its medicinal qualities, prior to going into the SPE/PEM electrolysis process while it enables the higher vibratory action of this water to move the Hydrogen H2 (or O2 Oxygen) into a bio activated form or superconductive H2, which is then much more amplified in its cellular efficacy. The ARP Tech Cell Lv. 1 is made at our YES Lab with the proprietary ARP Technology which consist of specially programmed natural Quartz Crystals, plasma state of CO2, Zinc, etc. which all add their own medicinal energetic properties. Since these substances are in their plasma state, your body will use only how much it needs if the energetic imprint is needed homeopathically to support your body system. This means that your body, which has the self selective intelligence can match those energetic imprints if it needs it at any time. The energetic plasma state imprints are designed with the therapeutic properties of supporting the Immune System, calming and regenerating the nervous system, increasing the circulation and gently detoxing the lymphatic system, plus all the Carbonic Acid Therapy Benefits, which in its Plasma State, or 4th state of matter is much more effective then in its atomic state.                                        

    ARP 600 with Aromatherapy-Level 2                                                    

    • Includes all of the above features from the Level 1 Description above, plus all the contents of the ARP Tech Cell Lv. 1 and the additional superconductors of the ARP Tech Cell Lv. 2 ).                                           
    • The ARP Tech Cell Lv. 2 is made with our proprietary ARP Technology and includes specially charged natural Quartz Crystals, the Plasma State of 24K Gold, etc.; and adds all the healing properties of the 24K Gold element in its amplified Plasma State into the Hydrogen H2 Gas Therapy. Please read this study if you wish to understand the depth of what is offered here and the incredible properties of 24K Gold, which in its Plasma State is the most effective Gold Therapy, period. 

    ARP Tech 600 with Aromatherapy-Level 3                                           

    • Includes all the above features from the Level 1 and Level 2 Description above, plus the additional The ARP Tech Cell Lv. 3 which is made through our proprietary ARP Technology that includes the specially charged Natural Quartz Crystals, the Plasma State of Copper, etc., which was designed to help the body rid itself from fungus and mold. Please Note: the Plasma State of Copper is not the same as with the atomic state where one can overdose with this element. Quite the contrary, in the plasma state the energetic imprint is there if your own body's self selective intelligence is needing its qualities at any time, and if not needed it will simply not match it. This is a very crucial Level, since neither H2, nor the O2 are highly effective in addressing mold and fungus in the body. When you inhale the H2 you will be inhaling these additional energetic, homeopathic properties directly into your bloodstream and the brain structure and accomplishing the results that no other Hydrogen H2 Therapy or Breathing Machine will ever be able to offer, period.

    We have many clients who are medical doctors, and who are educated about the Hydrogen H2 Inhalation Therapy and who have tested their existing units with adding our ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1, 2 and 3 installed after the fact into their existing units and were amazed at the difference they made in their Hydrogen Therapy experience and the analysis.              

    We do not offer the ARP Tech Cell Lv. 1, 2, or 3 for sale and separate from our breathing units, since this is our signature USA made Technology.


    With our special ARP Tech units, now you can not only breath the most effective H2 and or O2 (optional, as explained above) Medicinal Gas benefits available anywhere, but you can also take advantage of our additional features of breathing in the Aromatherapy from our Bio Activated Essential Oils and truly experience the most therapeutic and additional medicinal properties of all 3 Levels we offer in addition to the much more bio active and bio effective Pure H2 (99.999%) all through one machine: Breath of Health™!

    Choose from 3 different Levels of either one of our 4 models: ARP 300, ARP 600, or ARP 1000, ARP 2000, and ARP 3000.   

                                                                                                                                                                                               You can also enjoy drinking the special ARP Tech Charged water, infuse your Herbal Teas (must be room temperature), your Medicinal Elixir Drinks, as long as they are water like consistency. You can infuse it into your foot baths, your waters for Enemas or home Colonics, and for your special waters made for facials and skin benefits as well, all through one machine: Breath of Health™.                                                                                                 No other machine period will give you all these special properties and features all in one!

    NOTE: Each one of our Breath of Health™ has the 3 Levels available! Please check our other models: ARP Tech 300, and the ARP Tech 1000.


    Health benefits of inhaling and drinking the water rich in the Pure Therapeutic Levels of Hydrogen with the Resonant Plasma of each one of the 3 Levels we offer and their Medicinal Properties, together with any one of the Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are almost endless, and now you can have all the benefits in one unit!

    Besides the health effects on the physicality the Resonant Plasma in general has the very harmonizing effect upon the emotional body, which is the sum of ones emotional state of being. If any healing is to be complete, it is crucial to address this important component, since over 75% of stress and dis-eases originate in the emotional body before it condenses into the physical state. Addressing this daily is very important and no other machine is able to address this on this Level, which is the feature available only through the ARP Tech.

    We have combined the proprietary SPE/PEM Technology with our unique USA made ARP Tech for the amplified and the most therapeutic health effects possible. You will simply not get this from any other unit on the market, period. 

    Possible Health Benefits based upon our own Research, Experimentation and Experience, not a health claim.

    May assist with the following:

    • Help support better rejuvenation and improve all eleven bodily systems, including the emotional health.*
    • Selectively remove the harmful disease-causing free radicals.*
    • Neutralize nuclear radiation within the cells via Resonant Plasma Fields.*
    • Provide your body with more energy (according to many published medical studies H2 fuels the ATP engine that powers every cell in the body, Resonant Plasma Energy may increase the Life Force Energy within the cells).*
    • Help maintain the homeostatic levels of our body’s own antioxidants.*
    • Improve cellular function and health of every single organ in our body.*
    • Assist in the removal of heavy metals and synthetic chemical toxins from the blood, lungs and brain structure.*
    • Help neutralize the hormone disrupting xenoestrogens.* 
    • Help in balancing the overall metabolism.*
    • Assist in burning excess fat.*
    • Support the protection and rejuvenation of our DNA for its cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression.*
    • Anti-inflammatory/anti-pain (silent killer that causes many chronic dis-eases).*
    • Modulates Th1 and Th2 cytokines to reduce inflammation/pain.*
    • Detoxifying to the cells by converting the harmful hydroxyl radicals in our body into water.* 
    • Increase blood circulation.*
    • Enhance the nutrient absorption and digestion.*
    • Improve muscle and joint function.*
    • Reduce and prevent the constipation.*
    • Aid in lowering the bad cholesterol.*
    • Improve hormonal function.*
    • Aid in workout and injury recovery.*
    • Lubricate joints and muscles.*
    • Improve skin’s health and hydration.* 
    • Hydrate all bodily cells.*
    • Crosses the blood brain barrier with its Antioxidant Action.* 
    • Helps lessen the headaches and chronic migraines.* 
    • Improve our memory, concentration and keep our minds alert.*
    • Used for cancer adjacent treatment erasing the harmful radiation side effects.*
    • Slow down aging.*
    • Act as a Anti-obesity and anti-diabetes support.*
    • Boost, protect and regulate our immune system.*
    • Balance and Improve our entire Endocrine System, including he Thyroid Gland Function.*
    • Enhance our athletic performance by reducing lactic acid and Increasing Energy.*
    • Help rebalance our blood sugar.*
    • Balance our blood pressure.*
    • Support our healthy cholesterol level.*
    • Reduce lymphocyte proliferation and over excretion of antibodies in autoimmune conditions.*
    • Support and strengthen our nervous system.* 
    • Calming and Peace promoting to our emotional state of being.*
    • Calming to our Nervous System.*
    • Healing and Purifying Effects upon our brain structure, especially for the cleansing of the pineal gland and decalcification.*
    • Help to stop addictions for drugs and alcohol by rapidly detoxing the addictive compounds from the cells.*
    • Faster Wound Healing.*
    • Help to greatly Increase our Longevity.*
    • Powerful Skin Cleanser for our clear complexion.*
    • Important Solution for our Cardiovascular System for us that are office bound and may not get enough physical activity or exercise.*

    In the link below you can learn more in depth info on H2. Keep in mind that now, through our system of ARP Technology the therapeutic effects are much more amplified and efficient. "Over 800 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 180 different human disease models."  Visit: Molecular Hydrogen Foundation.

    Did you know that H2 alone can help rebalance the Oxygen levels in your blood and tissues?

    In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer is anaerobic and it can not survive in high concentrations of oxygen.

    When body’s biological terrain is low in oxygen (hypoxia), be it localized or spread throughout the body, the cancer cells can start to form and spread. However, when the opposite is true and the cells are filled with oxygen in balanced levels, cancer can not form nor survive. Breathing H2 Therapeutic Gas daily through any of our H2 machines is a great habit to form daily. 

    ARP Tech's Resonant Plasma Therapy offers  the amplification of H2 Therapeutic Gas with its own health properties as described above. 

    It also helps to protect the body from negative Radiation while inhaled on the H2.

    Resonant Plasma Fields are very harmonious to be near, and once the ARP Tech Cell has been installed it will interact with the water in machine's tank to not only move that water into a Plasma State for more effective bio activated H2 Therapy, but it will also radiate the Resonant Energetic Field that is very harmonious and healing to be around while Breathing from your unit. This field may extend up to 3 feet in all directions on this particular unit.

    Breath of Health™ comes with a one year warranty, and it is made to order.

    After you make a payment it takes 10-14 business days to receive your unit.

    The proprietary ARP Tech Cell will be shipped separately from the machine and together with the Operation Manual. You will install the ARP Tech Cell. Once installed, you never have to touch it again. You will need the Deinozied Water and we will email you where to purchase this special water. The installation of the ARP Tech Cell takes less then a minute, and their Electrical Charge lasts indefinitely. You will never need to replace them! 

    The operation of the Breath of Health is very easy, that even a child can operate it. All you have to do fill it with the Deionized Water, install the ARP Tech Cell (once installed you leave it there), plug it into electricity, press the ON button, choose your port for H2, Hydrogen to insert your Breathing Cannula, select the ml/min, and we recommend the highest setting of 600 ml/min and start enjoying. The Aromatherapy is optional custom feature that is also very easy to perform as described in the Manual.

    We enjoy our Breath of Health mainly for breathing ARP Tech Bio Activated Hydrogen Therapy anywhere from 1-2 hours morning and evening. Many times we use it while sitting on our computers at the desk and doing the office work, which makes it much healthier task to perform and we would never be without it. Our goal is to breath the ARP Tech Bio Activated H2 as much as possible throughout the day, and why spend time on the computer, without it? WE also only and solely drink H2 Water, charged in our Bottle of Health or with our BioCharger since it is the only water that can truly hydrate the cells and it is the only Live Water due to the ARP Tech Feature.

    We also use it to infuse our Herbal Teas and Elixirs (as long as they are water consistency and room temperature).

    We use it to infuse our foot soaks, and the water for colonics and enemas.

    Again, there is no overdosing on the use of Hydrogen. It is one of Mother Nature's most beneficial elements for helping our bodies regain its pure biological terrain, and for the reversal of dis-eases and aging. 

    We know you are going to love your Breath of Health, since it is the only machine on the market that will Bio Activate and make Hydrogen much more effective and the only one that will give you the optional benefits of Aromatherapy. It is elegant, safe, easy to operate and very well made to last. 





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