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Heavenly Coconut Cream

The only Life Force Charged Certified Organic Coconut Cream in the world!

Product Description

Our Heavenly Coconut Cream is a delicious fresh liquid extracted from the mature coconut kernels. It is the freshest tasting and most nutritious Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade Coconut Cream that has a 22% fat content, is neutral and pleasantly mild in taste, silky smooth to the pallet, without any detectable fibers and best suited for dairy substitute in myriad of recipes for anywhere from home chef and restaurants to food manufacturing plants. It is unsweetened and has absolutely no added additives, preservatives or thickeners of any kind. It is the only Coconut Cream on the market that has been charged with the natural Life Force Energy through our natural ARP Tech wavelengths. This proprietary energetic process bio activates and enlivens our Coconut Cream adding back more of the Alive Energy, even though it has been heated over 120 Degrees Fahrenheit to preserve it in a best way.

Product Process