YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Breath of Health™ ARP-600 Model Hydrogen Therapeutic Gas Inhaler (Bio Activated via ARP Tech)

Breath of Health™ ARP-600 Model

Level 1, 2 and 3

Instant and Pure ARP Tech Plasma Bio Activated H2, (optional O2) and AROMATHERAPY for Breathing  Water, Herbal Teas (room temperature), Elixirs (room temperature and must be water consistency), etc.

  • CE Certified for Safety. 
  • Portable ABS Plastic Case.
  • SPE/PEM patented Electrolysis Cell Technology.
  • ARP Technology for Bio Active H2.
  • Instant Pure 99.99% H2 Hydrogen Gas (as suppose to 2% or 4% or 6% like other machines on the market), plus optional O2 port.
  • Advanced Resonant Plasma Medicinal Qualities, ALL IN ONE for BREATHING and DRINKING.
  • Additional Custom Aromatherapy for further health benefits.
  • Adjustable Feature of Maximum H2 Output: 600 ml/Min and Optional O2: 300 ml/min 
  • Usage: as per need. There is no overdosing on Hydrogen, H2.
  • H2 Purity: 99.99% 
  • Level 1: ARP Tech Cell: Plasma of CO2 Zn/Quartz (*Properties: immunity, lung support, mental peace promoting, anti viral, etc.)
  • Level 2: ARP Tech Cell: Plasma of 24K Gold/Quartz (*Properties: nervous system support, emotional peace promoting, anti viral, etc.)
  • Level 3: ARP Tech Cell: Plasma of Copper/Quartz (*Properties: antibacterial, anti fungal, muscular support, etc.)
  • Adjustable H2 Output Flow.
  • High pressure protection.
  • Low water protection and alarm indicator for water refill reminder. 
  • Water level display.
  • Surgical Grade, non leaching BPS/BPA free Water Holding Tank used to hold the Deionized Water prior to sending it into the Electrolysis Cell to generate the H2 therapeutic gas, and optional O2 Gas. Please note: this is not the water tank for your drinking water, this is the tank that simply holds the Deionized Water PRIOR the stage of generating the Hydrogen, H2, via Electrolysis Cell. FOR MAKING H2, HYDROGEN DRINKING WATER, you will use the purified water of your choice in a separate vessel of your choice and you would simply insert the provided Tube into the vessel of your choice to infuse your water. 
  • Highest 600 ml/min on H2 output Flow of 99.99% is Adjustable.
  • Power and Voltage: 110V or 220V, or as specified. 50-60 Hz (according to your specification)
  • Fluctuation Rate of Output Pressure: < 0.001 MPa
  • Comes with ARP Tech Cell, Level 1-3, 5 Breathing Cannulas, H2 Water making Tube, Splitter for combining H2 and O2 if you chose that option.
  • Measurements- Height: 15 inches, Width: 11 inches, Depth: 16 inches.
  • Weight: 26 lb
  • Water Consumption: 1 Gal. water produces 5.8 Gal. of H2, will go 7-10 days before adding bit more water. 1 gallon can last 2-6 months depending upon your usage.
  • Water Requirements:

    You can use:

    1. Deionized Water (our preferred choice, and we send you the source where to purchase).

    2. Double Distilled

    3. Distilled. Please Note: You would need to make sure that its reading is 0.00 on the TDS Meter. We send you a TDS Meter for free so that you can make sure that the Distilled Water you are planing to use is 0.00 in measure.

Delivery: Approximately 10-14 days after receiving the payment.

After we receive the Payment: You will be emailed all of the Instructions on where to purchase the Deionized Water, 

Warranty: 12 months on all parts. 

Why we do not offer longer Warranty? 

We have had many instances when people would overrun the machine without giving it any rest, and not following the Instructions per Manual, so we decided that giving too long of a Warranty is too risky for us. However, we must say that our machines are virtually, maintenance and care free and amazingly built to last, and that if there is ever a problem our Tech Team will troubleshoot from distance first. In many years of providing this service we have had only success and satisfied clients. So please do not be concerned about the Warranty. It is very likely that we won't ever hear from you running into any problems with the machine, as long as you follow the correct use, according to our Manual. However, if there is ever anything that does happen and you need our Tech Support, we have trained technicians that know the ins and outs of this machine and can offer that support. 

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