YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Breath of Health™ ARP-1000 Model Hydrogen Therapeutic Gas Inhaler (Bio Activated via ARP Tech)

Breath of Health™ ARP-1000 Model Lv. 1-3

Instant and Pure ARP Tech Plasma Bio Activated H2, and optional O2 through for BREATHING, WATER, WARM TEAS, WATERY CONSISTENCY LIQUIDS.

(Stationary Metal Case and optional canister wheels can be installed without additional charge)

SPE/PEM Tech (Patented Electrolysis Cell made in Japan, Patented PEM Membrane made by DuPont, USA).

ARP Technology Advantage for making more bio active H2, made by YES Lab, USA.

No waste water chamber needed.

Instant Pure 99.99% H2 Hydrogen Gas (as suppose to 2% or 4% or 6% like other machines on the market), with optional O2 port, plus Aroma Therapy Feature. Can be used to make H2 Water. 

Maximum Output is Fixed at H2: 840ml/min 

CE Certified for Safety.

Usage: 20-60 minutes sessions per your need and then allow the machine to rest at least 20 minutes before sessions. You can due multiple breathing sessions throughout the day. There is no overdosing on H2. Can be used in a clinical setting.

H2 Purity: 99.99%  H2 output flow is Fixed.

Fixed H2 Output Flow and pressure Display.
High pressure protection.
Low water protection.
Water level display.

Power and Voltage: 110V or 220V, or as specified. 50-60 Hz. Can be made for any country's specification.
Fluctuation Rate of Output Pressure: < 0.001 MPa

Water Consumption: 1 Gal. water produces 5.8 Gal. of H2, will go 7-15 days before adding more water.

Water Requirements:

You can use:

1. Deionized Water (our preferred choice, and we send you the source where to purchase).

2. Double Distilled. 

3. Distilled. Please Note: You would need to make sure that its reading is 0.00 on the TDS Meter. We send you a TDS Meter for free so that you can make sure that the Distilled Water you are planing to use is 0.00 in measure.

Weight: 74 lbs. Comes packaged in a wooden crate.

Machine Size:
60*35*42cm (L*W*H), 24*14*16 inches (L*W*H).
Shipped in a Wooden Crate Package Size: 
72*42*60cm(L*W*H), 28*16*24* (L*W*H).
Comes with: 5 Breathing Cannulas, Facial H2 Treatment Mask, Extra silicon food grade tubing for making H2 water and infusing into other liquids, TDS Meter for checking your water before you use the machine.
Sequence of order:

You will receive the ARP Tech Cell and the Operational Manual Separately from the Machine and directly from our YES Lab. Most of our Machines are shipped directly from our Manufacturer, and some are shipped from our warehouse in USA, depending upon where they are assembled. All are custom made to order.

Please Note: All of our machines are engineered to be able to handle the ARP Tech's superconductivity and we do not sell our ARP Tech separately for any other brands, but our own.

Delivery Time: Approximately 10-14 days after receiving the order.

Warranty: One year.

Why we do not offer longer Warranty? 

We had many instances when people would overrun the machine without giving it any rest  and we decided that giving too long of a Warranty is too risky for us. However, we must say that our machines are care free and amazingly built to last, an that if there is ever a problem we do our best to troubleshoot with our customer  ver distance first, through our technicians. In many years of providing this service we have had only success and satisfied customers. So please do not be concerned about the Warranty. It is very likely that we won't ever hear from you running into any problems with the machine, as long as you follow the correct use, according to our Manual.

Note: The water used within the unit generates the ARP Tech Bio Activated H2 or O2 Gas (two separate ports that can be combined via tube splitter if you chose to make Brown's Gas) via Electrolysis, SPE/PEM and additional ARP Tech, which adds Its own Energetic and Medicinal Quality, and also Bio Activates the H2 or O2 Gas into higher efficacy. The Qualified Water is used for the machine to make the H2 or optional O2 from the H2O, and this is not the water that you use for drinking. You will use a separate water tube (comes with the machine), not a Breathing Cannula in order to insert into a separate holding vessel filled with your choice of purified drinking water, tea or watery consistency herbal elixirs. Generally speaking it takes 20-30 minutes to Saturate a 1 gallon of water with Hydrogen Gas, and it is best done by covering the vessel while the Tube is inserted in your holding vessel with a stretch wrap plastic. It is best to use the Tube as is without the diffuser stone on the end in order to keep the flow free flowing, so there is no need for purchasing a diffuser stone at the end of the water infusing tube. Once you have finished infusing your water then simply cover and store with the cover on. We have measured the Therapeutic Levels of Hydrogen in the Water even after 24 hours through the use of our Machines, but it is always best to drink that Hydrogen infused water as soon as you can, since the levels slowly start to lower with each hour. 

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