YES Presents simple and effective Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology Solutions for Health

Patented Champion C60 WS™ (Water Solution) SUPER CONCENTRATE (2 ml) Sterile Glass Ampule 1000 mg/ml (μM/ml)

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The only Advanced Resonant Plasma Tech Bio Activated and patented Champion C60 WS Super Concentrate available in the world!

Can be used as is without dilution if necessary in direct application by professional personnel for research and experimental use only at the target areas.

The well documented and proven health benefits from published and clinical trials:

  • Enhances all nutrients by deeper cellular delivery*
  • Brain Health and Support*
  • Memory restorative Support*
  • Nervous system Support*
  • Top Antioxidant* 
  • Longevity (life expectancy doubled, according to animal studies)*
  • Vitality*
  •  Endurance*
  • Athletic Performance*
  • Top Adaptogenic (helps the organism adapt to various stress conditions)*
  • Cell Protection from toxic chemical exposure and ionized radiation*
  • Anti-pathogenic, through the pathways of energetic cancellation*
  • Cell Restoration* 
  • Cell rejuvenation*
  • Skin, eyes cellular health*