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Affirmation Decal/Sticker for the Bottle of Health

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The power of words and intentions upon the water and other substances has been clearly and scientifically demonstrated and should never be underestimated!

Now you can take the unique Power of Plasma, Resonance and Radionics Benefits of your Bottle of Health™ to a whole new level through the specially designed Affirmation Decal/Label professionally applied unto your Bottle by our Y.E.S! Team.

Affirm your Divinity, Beauty, Youth and Perfection daily and hold unto it until it keeps out picturing as you want it into every aspect of your being! We hold the key to our destiny! Let us make it a Magnificent Expression!

Note: When you purchase this product with your Bottle of Health™, or multiple Bottles, please let us know exactly which Bottle you wish for us to apply it to. Your comments can be written in the lavender colored box at the first page of the checkout. Thank you Kindly!

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